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New Streaming Setup and Studio

Apologies for the radio silence (no pun intended) but we’ve been incredibly busy getting everything set up and ready.

We’ve just migrated our streaming setup from Icecast to Mixlr, meaning that we can now broadcast from anywhere at all – live music events, coffee shops, in the middle of the park – all to bring you a fantastic range of content, and to help widen access for our broadcasters (particularly those who might be unable to reach the studio space at LCC). It also gives us a live chat, that allows for much greater audience engagement during talk or discussion shows.

Mixlr is a decentralised streaming service that is not only compatible with OSX/Windows computers, but also phones running Android or iOS, meaning that with a remarkably simple setup, our show hosts can broadcast live interviews and discussions from coffee shops, park benches, or museums.

We’re currently working on furnishing and setting up our brand new radio studio at LCC, and we hope this work will be completed before the summer.

In the mean time however, we’re going to begin broadcasting in just a few weeks’ time, using a number of temporary spaces. We also have a few live events in the pipeline, so stay tuned!