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New Streaming Setup and Studio

Apologies for the radio silence (no pun intended) but we’ve been incredibly busy getting everything set up and ready. We’ve just migrated our streaming setup from Icecast to Mixlr, meaning that we can now broadcast from anywhere at all – live music events, coffee shops, in the middle of the[…]

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Phas.e Platform and Unsettled Music Debut!

We’re happy to announce that the very first episodes of the Phas.e Platform and Unsettled Music shows are now available to re-stream via Soundcloud and Mixcloud, respectively. If you enjoy them, be sure to show your support by following them on social media, and sharing the shows with your friends.[…]

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Fresher’s Fair!

Thank you all so much for visiting our stall and checking out our live music at the SU Fresher’s Fair. We all had a great time, and hope you did too! You can see all the photos we took on our facebook page, but here’s a few of my favourites.   […]

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Hello London!

The site is now up and running! We’ll be gradually adding more content and details over the coming weeks. Please note that for the time being, any and all information on the site is either placeholder or TBC. We will let you all know when we are ship-shape. In the[…]

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